We negotiate hospital bills for you.

Lower your hospital bill up to 60%, even if you have insurance. We review your bill for errors and negotiate to keep money in your pocket.

The best part? It's 100% free unless we find you savings.
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We get the bill you need

The bill you get in the mail usually hides errors and inflated charges. Let us get a more detailed breakdown from your hospital.

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Connect your medical record

Our team of medical coding and billing experts reviews your record against your bill to flag suspicious charges.

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We negotiate, you save.

Sit back while we negotiate your hospital bill to win you the best possible savings. We'll provide regular updates along the way.

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No stress. No risk.

Nearly every hospital bill is negotiable, but it’s stressful and hard to navigate. We blend price technology and industry expertise to find you the best possible savings.

Plus, it's 100% free unless we deliver you savings.
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Our customers love what we do.

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I was facing a sea of charges on a medical bill that I didn’t understand. Goodbill reviewed the charges and advocated on my behalf...Thank you Goodbill!

Natalie S.

Saved $5,962

Goodbill has been a great help to us reduce medical costs...took care of the entire process and kept in touch to give updates. I would definitely do business with Goodbill again.

Angela T.

Saved $9,560

Negotiating with hospitals can sometimes be stressful...Goodbill made everything easy!

Josh D.

Saved $1,142

I received a medical bill that I was convinced was being upcharged, but the hospital wouldn’t work with me and even denied my dispute. I felt hopeless until I discovered Goodbill. [Goodbill] was able to get the hospital to lower my charge.

JoAnna J.

Saved $648

Goodbill has been so great to work with…helpful, professional and understanding with my concerns and stress from my bills after the birth of my son. I would highly recommend them.

Molly H.

Goodbill helped our family during this challenging time of stress. The hospital my son went to overcharged us in so many ways. Goodbill came to the rescue, bringing fairness and relief.

Bianca V.

[My hospital’s] charges were outrageous for four hours in an ER... Ultimately the bill got settled for a fraction of the original amount. I highly recommend Goodbill for anyone facing large medical debt.

Matthew S.

It's time to make healthcare work for you.

We're on a mission to help make healthcare affordable and fair, by bringing price transparency to consumers.
We’re a team of company builders, software engineers, and former consultants who read the fine print, love understanding how things work, and are passionate about helping people go toe-to-toe with the healthcare system. We live and work in Seattle, Detroit, and New York.

We’re backed by investors who helped build some of the most iconic companies of our time, like Instacart, Glassdoor, Nerdwallet, GoFundMe, Groupon, Zulily, Starbucks, and Remitly.
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We work for you. To keep it that simple, we crafted a set of clear values to guide us. Here are a few of them.

👉 Do it for the patient (that’s you).
👉 Sweat the details.

👉 Follow through.
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Security and privacy are at the heart of what we do.

Whether it’s your hospital bill or medical record, we store your data securely, and transmit it using the latest in encryption technology.
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Our healthcare system doesn't exactly scream transparency. No one can really give you a price estimate and medical records are filed away in dusty cabinets.

But, over the last several years, the government has done a lot of work to require insurance companies and hospitals to put this type of data online in a way people can access it all.

Couple that data with a lot of fed-up Americans and you get a pretty ripe time for a business like this. Want to learn more? We'd love to chat with you.
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Negotiating hospital bills has never been this easy.

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