Claim Reviews

Supercharge your claim reviews for bigger savings

Most hospital claims contain inflated charges.

We use A.I., coding and clinical experts, and real visit data to catch these errors early — before the plan pays the provider.

Capture more savings on every claim.

With our line-by-line claim reviews, you can feel confident you’re paying only what’s fair.

5 in 10
claims we review contain coding errors or unnecessary care
savings we typically find when a bill is wrong
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Claim reviews that are precise and fast.

We digitally connect to the member’s health record, enabling accurate reviews and quick turnarounds.

Retrieve health record.

We help members pull visit notes, in seconds, from any of 2,500+ hospitals.

Review each charge.

Our coders and clinicians check each item against the member’s health record.

Correct and return claim.

We edit, reprice and return the claim with our findings, all before payment.

Get every hospital claim reviewed. No threshold or volume caps.
Enhanced with EHR
Improve accuracy with electronic health records. 2,500+ hospitals connected.
Catch issues before the plan pays. No more clawback headaches.
Expert certified
Use A.I. to flag overcharges. Licensed coders and clinicians certify all findings.
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How we get to the truth on every claim.

Whenever you visit the hospital, your provider documents your condition, diagnoses and treatments. These visit notes are stored in your electronic health record.

Our licensed coders and clinicians cross-check visit notes against claims to verify that every charge is fair and accurate.

Examples of what we uncover:

Coding errors
Upcoding or unbundling
Duplicate charges
Wrong quantities
Clinically unnecessary care
Inflated severity of condition
Excessive labs or tests
Low-value procedures

Nationwide access to EHR data, in seconds.

Through our secure portal, members can connect their health record from most hospitals, with just a few clicks.

EHR-connected hospitals, covering over 350,000 beds
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