We're building trust and confidence into every healthcare transaction.

At Goodbill, we're on a mission to make healthcare billing transparent, trustworthy and affordable.

We’re backed by the same investors who helped build some of the most iconic companies of our time, like Glassdoor, GoFundMe, Groupon, Instacart, Nerdwallet, Remitly, Starbucks, and Zulily.

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Steve Burgess
Customer Support
Christine Fries
Medical Coding
Leslie Kwoh
Kristin Manley
Shahaf Abileah
Ian Sefferman
Founder, CTO
Patrick Haig
Founder, CEO


Anarghya Vardhana
Chris DeVore
Founder's Co-op
Michael Ma
Liquid2 Ventures
Arvind Rajan
Cricket Health
Dr. Aasim Saeed
Former VP, Digital Health
Baylor, Scott & White
Christian Sutherland-Wong
Dan Yoo
Former COO
David Hahn
Former CPO
Greg Rudin
Menlo Labs
Nick Soman
Suneel Gupta
Author, Founder
Rise Labs


Do it for the patient.

The American healthcare consumer has been neglected for too long, costing them their time, money, and health. We are relentlessly focused on changing that.

Moving fast is our obligation.

We have a duty to patients to work decisively and quickly to make every day count.

Follow through.

When we make commitments, we do what we say we'll do. To fulfill our mission, our peers, partners, and customers must trust that our word means something.

Sweat the details.

The magnitude of our mission demands the highest standards at the highest fidelity. We know achievement follows high expectations.

Kindly deliver honest feedback.

Improvement and growth come from course corrections along the way. Direct feedback, kindly and quickly delivered, cuts the shortest path to success.

Relish in hard problems.

Medical billing is not for the faint of heart. Despite its devilish complexity, we bring optimism, positivity, and a sense of play to every problem.

Be relentlessly resourceful.

We embrace constraints, creatively do more with less, and strive to be unstoppable.

Own it.

We don’t craft excuses, scapegoat, or shirk our responsibilities. We know the happiness and health of our team depends on it.

Join Goodbill

At Goodbill, you’ll help give people data, insights, and powers they’ve never had at their fingertips. We believe delight, automation, and trust will create the next generation of empowered patients.

Work anytime.

We work async / sync. Set your own hours to strike a balance. And, when it’s time to recharge, take advantage of your truly unlimited PTO.

Work anywhere.

We’re remote first. Use a stipend to upgrade your home setup and pay your internet bill or grab a desk at a co-working location.

You come first.

Medical, dental, and vision, including a primary care membership of your choice. And you’ll have unlimited, free Goodbill access.

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We hire candidates of any race, color, ancestry, religion, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, marital or family status, disability, Veteran status, and any other status.